Products are widely used in computer, aerospace, automotive electronics, network communications, industry control, medical devices,Server, etc.

Product list

Computer and peripherals

With data as the core, the computer has the characteristics of accurate calculation, high-speed operation and intelligent application, and has completely broken the boundaries of time and space. The increasing demands of cloud computing, big data, social

  • Server motherboard

    Server motherboard

Network communication

I have accumulated rich experience in multi-layer communication, high-frequency antenna, high-speed plate, optical module, thick copper, buried copper block, back drill and back plate manufacturing, and have certain research on signal integrity and impeda

  • Netcom


Consumer electronics

As consumer electronic products gradually toward lighter, thinner and more intelligent application direction, to display technology, the data transfer machine processing ability put forward higher requirements, the use of the diversity and volume of light

  • Length gold finger board

    Length gold finger board

Automotive electronics

The general term for automotive electronic control devices and on-board automotive electronic control devices. Body car electronic control device, including engine control system, chassis control system and body electronic control system (body electronic

  • Car


The power supply

Power supply requires better performance, higher efficiency, lighter weight, smaller size and higher power in design. Power products are widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, industrial control eq

  • Power supply

    Power supply

Industrial control medical sec

Industrial automation is becoming the main direction of the industrial manufacturing industry, enterprise demand for automation equipment, prompting the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing of industrial automatic control devices, industrial rob

  • Medical treatment

    Medical treatment

The server

The server hardware requirements are mainly, high processing capacity, high storage capacity, high reliability, high stability, high fault-tolerant ability, easy maintenance and so on

  • Server board

    Server board


LED features are very obvious, long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption.

  • Small pitch LED photoelectric board

    Small pitch LED photoelectric board