"He who got the talent could win the world."

The talent is the soul of corporate operation and development.

Talent Incentives

In line with the "people-oriented" strategic guiding ideology, Shenghong Technology has designed a human resource management concept with corporate culture characteristics, aiming to build a broad stage for discovering, attracting, shaping and developing talents, and for the company and talents. Grow and cultivate a spiritual home.

Long-term talent cultivation: In addition to providing macroscopic, high-quality, and diversified educational opportunities to build energy for industrial talents, the company also provides a free academic qualification promotion policy to strengthen the professional ability of employees to continue to be hired.

Diversified career channels: the three promotion paths of management, technology, and functions are simultaneously opened to help employees develop their careers.


Improve the human incentive system: adopt different assessment and incentive mechanisms (including equity incentives, etc.) for different target talents to create a mechanism and environment that gathers talents, encourages talents, retains talents, and encourages talents.