"He who got the talent could win the world."

The talent is the soul of corporate operation and development.

Talent Strategy

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and talents are the cornerstone of building a science and technology building. It is precisely in this way that in the development process, Shenghong Technology regards the management and development of focusing on talents, attracting talents, motivating talents and human resources as the company's long-term development talent strategy.

Excellent enterprises need excellent talent creation. Talents are the soul of enterprise operation and development. "Those who get talents get the world, and those who first get talents get the world." The company always attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents. Under the initiative of the chairman, With a sincere attitude, we excavate outstanding talents from the social industry, and cultivate a technical team that is willing to study, love innovation, and work hard through the methods of "bringing in" and "going out". They are the core of Shenghong's technology. The most powerful guarantee to win market competition.

Shenghong people who are enterprising, full of vigor and courage to innovate are the greatest wealth of the company. Shenghong Technology insists on people-oriented management. While strict and scientific management, it maximizes people's enthusiasm and creativity. Established a fair, just, and open human resource management system and perfect incentive mechanism to make personal goals consistent with corporate development goals, thereby creating a corporate atmosphere full of new vitality and driving force, cultivating and attracting a large number of intermediate and senior talents, and forming Excellent PCB manufacturing enterprise team. Let all Shenghong people hold hands and shoulder to shoulder to realize their value in life.

Enter Shenghong Technology for a common goal. Let's run the business and do our common cause! If you always have a young heart, full of love for life, persistent and enterprising for your career, please join Shenghong Technology to fully realize yourself and show yourself. Let us create a new miracle together.